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Everyone deserves to have a job they enjoy.

A good job is one where you can thrive. You enjoy the work and you have opportunities to learn and grow. Use this website to find your path to a great job.

Most people need a few steps to get to their dream job. You can use this website to identify the jobs that will be the steps to your dream job ... your career path.

The JOFI Career Planning Exercise has four steps. If you have taken the assessments and received a custom navigation link for this website, you are ready to get started.

If you haven't taken the assessments, you can still use this website, but it won't be able to calculate and display your job-fit scores. Ask your career coach to invite you to take the assessments. Or reach out us at so we can connect you with a coach.

Here's an overview of the JOFI Career Planning Exercise:

  1. Self-Awareness: The first step in career planning is to clarify and reflect upon your unique characteristics. We are each a mix of valuable work-related characteristics. It is important to clarify your work preferences and unique strengths so you can identify jobs in a career path where you will enjoy the work and perform well. The JOFI Job Fit Report describes your career interests profile and your personality traits profile. It also provides you with a list of 15 job families that include your top-fit occupations. These are occupations where you are most likely to thrive.
  2. Option Exploration: The second step is to explore options. This website has tools and exercises to make that easy. The O*NET is the largest database on jobs and job characteristics in the world. It organizes the data on jobs into 923 occupational groups. JOFI Assessments measure your unique characteristics and calculate your job-fit for each of the occupations in the O*NET. The 923 occupations are grouped into 70 JOFI job families. You can see your top 15 job families on the Job Families page. The job families that contain your top-fit occupations are highlighted in green. Start there and follow the instructions to find your best fit occupations and your next job.
  3. Decision Making: The third step is to make the decision for your target job. The JOFI Career Plan provides a framework to document your plans for your next three moves. This series of jobs is your career pathway. This three-step pathway will help you visualize how to move from your current situation to your dream job. It usually takes a few steps. Then, use the tools in the decision-making section to confirm the target occupation for your next move.
  4. Action Planning: The fourth step is to plan the tasks to prepare for and get your target job. Typically, people prepare a resume, cover letter, practice interviewing, and begin applying for jobs. Many times, they need to enroll in education or career training first. The tools in this section will help you prepare so you can get your target job.

Next go to the to the Self-Awareness page to get started.