Job-Fit Exercise

JOFI Assessments calculate your five-star job-fit ratings for all ONET occupations. You can think of these ratings like this:

  • One star indicates poor fit.
  • Two stars indicates weak fit.
  • Three stars indicates moderate fit.
  • Four stars indicates good fit.
  • Five stars indicates excellent fit.

If you don’t have any occupations with four or five stars, don’t worry about that. What is most important is for you to explore the jobs that are the best fit for you. Focus on your highest ratings. As you participate in job training and gain work experience, you will gain valuable work-related skills. You can advance your career with those skills.

One by one click on your favorite job families to explore the ONET occupations in each one. Click the most interesting ONET occupations to expand them so you can view the video and learn more about each of them. Use the Favorites button to note your favorite ONET occupations.

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