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CareerNavigation.org is a publicly available website provided by Metrics Reporting, Inc. It is designed to help students and job seekers access publicly available resources about jobs and careers. The website has two levels of access:

Free access: Organized by JOFI Job Families this website provides access to CareerOneStop videos and links to the ONET, My Next Move, and the online Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Private access: Organized by JOFI Job Families with the top 15 job families highlighted in light green based on the individual's JOFI Job Fit Report. Private access also includes JOFI Five-Star ratings at the ONET code level and enables individuals to create JOFI Employability Certificates. Private access is provided via a private link found at the bottom of the Top Fit Occupations page in Section 3 of the JOFI Job Fit Report.

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