Exploration Interviews and Job Shadows

Once you have narrowed down your list of options, you may find it helpful to investigate the job further by meeting with someone currently in your target job. Exploration interviews and job shadows are a good way to learn more. Consider what would be most helpful for you:

  • An exploration Interview is when you interview someone working in the job. These can be in a one-on-one interview or conducted in a group setting.
  • A job Shadow is when you meet with someone to observe them working in the job. After the job shadow you can have a conversation with your host to learn more.

Here are some questions you could ask in your interview or following a job shadow:

  • What are the main tasks for this job?
  • What are the working hours for this job?
  • Does it require special training, licenses, certificates, or degrees?
  • What skills are required?
  • What is the compensation range?
  • What do people in the job enjoy about it?
  • What do people in the job find challenging?

Record your observations here:

After the exploration interview, you might want to reflect on what you learned:

  • Does this work fit your career interests and personality?
  • Will you find this work rewarding?

Record your observations here:

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